Do you have to fill in all the details when booking?

  • Yes, it is extremely important that we can contact you both before and during the booking period. Of equal importance is that we know in which apartment you live during the rental period.

Do you have to pre-book parking?

  • Yes, you must book and pay for a parking space before parking. The later you book, the fewer places there are to choose from and it may happen that all places are fully booked.
  • If you are on site and want to know if a place is vacant or not, go to"Spotname "

Monitoring and regulations

  • Anyone who parks in a place other than the one booked or who has not booked at all, risks a control fee (parking fine).
  • It is important to park in a booked spot and to stay within their place so that other cars can park next to it.
  • If a booked place is not available or difficult to park in; contact 070-551 59 58
  • Reserved spots that are not used must be canceled.
  • If the parking supervisor notices that a booked spot is not in use, the person who booked will be contacted and need to accept that the place will be available by another.

Handicapped parking

  • There are no special spaces reserved for disabled parking.
  • People with a parking permit for disabled people need to book a regular parking space.
  • For loading and unloading, temporary parking near the apartment is permitted.
  • On occasions when the customer cannot move to and from booked parking and lacks an assistant driver, we can give permission to park in a suitable place near the apartment after contacting customer service.

How to book a parking space?

  • Parking can only be booked directly here on the website. All parking spaces that are green on the map are available for the selected period.
  • If there is no vacant spots on the map during your set time intervals, we recommend trying a few different time intervals. It may be that one spot is vacant for half a week and another spot in the area is vacant for the second half.

Can you cancel your parking reservation?

  • Yes, the booking confirmation that is sent out via SMS and E-mail at the time of booking includes a "Cancel link". Follow that link to cancel. (Works before the rental period has begun).
  • For cancellation after the rental period has begun: send an email to
  • The right to a refund is stated in the terms and conditions.

Difficulties with logging in or paymet?

Contact us primarily via:
Phone: (+46)70-551 59 58

Telefon: 070-551 59 58
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